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Liar, liar, pants on fire. Some real Doublespeak was coined in Washington over the last eight years but, last week’s revelations about the Iran “nuclear” agreement has to be the climax. Not only did our last President guarantee that Iran (the largest exporter of terror to the rest of us) wouldn’t build a nuclear bomb, he doubled down banking on our lack of intelligence (no pun intended) by releasing ISIS fighters!

The “secret side deals” in that agreement just keep floating up to the surface like some bad septic tank that needs to be replaced. Remember that $400 billion in cash Obama sent to Tehran…in the middle of the night…on an unmarked military cargo airplane. First denying then later admitting that was a boo-boo with that untraceable cash likely going to the terrorists. OOPS!

Then, the last minute prisoner “exchange” brokered just days before he left the White House. Well, that was touted as a mere “one-time gesture”, of poor Iranian citizens who “were not charged with terrorism or any violent offenses” just innocently caught up in the hype. You know, non-violent offenders like drug dealers, pot tokers, child porn possessors, and, now, terrorists. What a deal—we get five of our own guys back for, essentially, nothing…well…except for that $400 billion thing.

But, not so fast! Obama’s January 17, 2016, dog and pony show, touted as the avoidance of a nuclear Iran, has been proven to be anything but. In reality, these Iranian “citizens” had some serious baggage. Can you say, “under investigation by the US Justice Department”? And, well, gee, the ex-Prez now seems to have…well…lied about their role in nuclear terrorism.

Everything from microelectronics used in surface-to-air and cruise missiles (like the kind Tehran test-fired recently), leasing Boeing aircraft for Hezbollah (those wascally ISIS predecessors), buying thousands of assault rifles for Iran and, the big fish—Seyed Abolfazl Shahab Jamili. Sound like a Cajun culinary delicacy?

Not so much. This thug had actually been charged with conspiring (from 2005 to 2012) to smuggle thousands of parts of essential hardware for Iran’s uranium enrichment centrifuges from China. Which was supposed to be the reason for these nuclear deal talks in the first place. Proving, once again, that an “agreement” is only as good as the participants. And, giving someone something is not taking it away.

Both President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu get it. This deal was certainly no bargain for those who aren’t part of the Jihad. Tehran marches ahead with development of its own nuclear, intercontinental ballistic payload putting both the U.S. and Israel squarely in its cross hairs. Of course, along with the walrus with the Moe Howard haircut (Kim Jong-un) in North Korea, the clear and present nuclear threat to the United States has never been greater.

Because, it was not only the naïve Obama “strategy” of calling a capitulation to our enemy Iran as a “nuclear disarmament agreement” but, also his “Strategic Patience doctrine” over the last eight years that has let these wack-jobs catch up to kill us all. Calling sitting on your thumb and hoping a strategic doctrine is like smoking a pack of cigarettes on top of a mound of dynamite and calling it “Cancer Aversion Therapy”.

So, while liberal intelligencia keep chanting “The Russians interfered”, lets all take a long, hard look at the reality that two crazy regimes now are perilously close to having nukes. And, replying with “I know you are but, what am I” makes as little sense now as it did when both Barrack Obama and the immortal Pee Wee Herman mouthed them.

Pat Merriman is the Dunn County State Attorney. He is a photographer and also officiates high school and college athletics events in the area.

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