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So, now, we’re trying to kill each other when we disagree? Really? The attack in Virginia is mind-boggling. This “me” culture where everything revolves around the individual and when you’ve finally had enough, you just grab a rifle and go at it. From touching a congressman in North Dakota to shooting Republicans in Virginia?

By Pat Merriman
Washington’s response? Hiring 72 more Capitol Police for buildings and garages. Ironically, a senate hearing on that funding was supposed to take place but, was canceled because of the shooting in Virginia. The sad fact is that these congressman were at a public, YMCA baseball field. And, when you’re spraying bullets around at 7 in the morning, how long before children would have arrived?
Where’s this mindset come from? We don’t listen to each other anymore, the other side is the enemy to be destroyed at all costs? Let’s just sue, try cases in the court of public opinion, and make up (instead of report) the news? Pipelines, animal rights, ecology, global warming, ad nauseum. If the cause fits, shoot at it? Really?
Rep. Scott Perry (R-Pa.) is concerned too. The town hall meeting (a mainstay of politics) is now more likely a place to get you (or your loved ones) assaulted and insulted. A record crowd turned out for this year’s annual Congressional Charity baseball game after House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was shot. But, guys, that’s symbolism over substance.
As this poor guy will find out, sadly, for the rest of his life. This “lower extremity wound”, unlike the movies where the hero eventually recovers unscathed, has changed his life FOREVER. The old “shoot to wound” fallacy that ignores the danger, pain and permanent damage to this poor man. And, why? He was a Republican.
The reality is that since the Black Lives Matter movement, the mere inconvenience of political activists has taken a back seat to harassment, threats, beatings, and now, executing those who oppose your viewpoint. Forum News Service just reported the real agenda of these folks. Our own Congressman Ken Cramer, “Violence against lawmakers makes him wonder ‘is it even worth it’ to continue serving ND in Congress.”
Political power from the end of a gun something ANTIFA (the new left’s movement) is practicing right now. Something the left is supposed to loathe. And, the talking heads? It’s the new norm, you just have to live with it. Rep. Cramer continues, “We’ve all been under this cloud for a while of aggressive social media and threat assessments and thinking about families and whatnot and just trying to determine…is it even worth it to serve in Congress.”
An all-too-common complaint from other congressional leaders. And, walking around with a bullseye on your back now, makes it mandatory that us “regular folks” say, “Enough is enough”. Because it isn’t just our political leaders who suffer under this new “normal”. It’s us too. Cramer nails it, “So if people don’t feel safe coming to see us, we’re robbed of that opportunity.”
And, what about our families as these “protestors” take violence to the streets? Some of us saw this train wreck coming decades ago and geared up for it. Intolerant thought leads to intolerant speech which then turns to intolerant action. It is a sad fact of life that arming oneself to assume the role of sheep dog is necessary in the home of the free. And, as the inevitable “counter protest” violence comes marching across the horizon, the innocent sheep and the shepherd (law enforcement) get caught in the crossfire. Because, at the end of the day, hope is not a viable course of action, folks. Please pray for us all.

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  1. I live in Rep. Scott Perry’s PA-4th Congressional District. He cancelled his town hall because he was afraid to face hundreds of angry constituents, The tragic shooting in Virginia provided a convenient excuse. Now, before you scream at me or say that I am deluded, let me tell you about his last town hall meeting. Firsts, in order to get one of the tickets, we had to register online and provide our name, address and phone number. When we arrived at the Red Lion Middle School, we had to present a valid ID in order to get past the entrance. We then passed four (4) armed police officers in the hallway before entering the meeting room. These officers remained on duty in the meeting room throughout the meeting and afterwards while Rep. Perry talked with individuals. Considering the level of screening and protection at the last town hall, I am at a loss to understand what type of attack to which he felt vulnerable this time around.

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