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I’m a straight white guy, so, I just have to sit down and shut up? Another new disturbing trend. Oh, it was in effect BIG TIME during last year’s Presidential election but, even after voters slammed Hillary Clinton’s and Elizabeth Warren’s brand of liberal, man-hating feminism, it’s still alive and well here in the U.S.

By Pat Merriman

It goes by various names—white privilege, institutional racism, misogyny, homophobia, ad nauseum. But, in reality, it’s just politically correct discrimination based on race and gender. It actually seems to go like this: you white guys have had hundreds of years of raping and burning and pillaging and, look at the mess you created. Now, it’s our turn and you get no say.

Excuse me if that sounds harsh but, don’t tinkle on my head and tell me it’s just raining. I see it everywhere in the marginalization of Caucasian men in pop culture and advertising— unless you think Homer Simpson actually is the epitome of the American white dad? I was hammered with it in law school culminating with snarky comments from my feminist professors about my “frat boy” mentality. As if I could have afforded to be in a fraternity.

If a white male disagrees with anyone else, that’s just too bad, you’re not entitled to your opinion. And, folks, that really is the root of the Trump-haters’ craziness. Other code words include cocky, arrogant, opinionated, brash, etc. If you are firm in your beliefs and disagree with the PC culture, you’re just a dinosaur who needs to go.

Leftists claim the right to define the debate, choose the language, establish the rules of discussion and, if anyone dares to disagree, well…burn them…they’re a warlock. Where this has happened most to me personally is the Bill and Hillary show. I’m sorry, but, again, I had a front row seat for their almost 50-year, hippy, socialist romp. Absolute corruption wrapped up in immunity from prosecution.

I’m not going to debate it and, I was ecstatic to see it die. Corruption is a crime and I don’t care what the gender of the criminal happens to be. But, during the race last year, criticizing ‘ol Hilly automatically bought you the misogynist, chauvinist pig label. It wasn’t because she was a woman, it was because she was a crook. I personally think that Margaret Thatcher is one of the greatest leaders of my time. Uh…she was a female.

But, to this day, when I’m sitting with a group of lads and we are laughing at the excruciatingly public humiliation that Mrs. Clinton continues to bring on herself; the glares and remarks still come a-flyin’ our way. The Russians, the e-mails, the bimbo eruptions, the white male conspiracy…she and her ilk just can’t digest the political irrelevance that she brought solely on herself. It’s funny…sorry!

And, another thing— isn’t equality supposed to be about a level playing field? The best qualified PERSON gets the job? Do we really base our vote on someone who “looks” like us based on their skin color or genitalia? I mean I personally guarded Presidential candidate Alan Keyes in his bid for president in 1996. And, it wasn’t his skin…it was his passion and rhetoric.

Single issue politicians are the most dangerous thing on the planet because governing is more than just one issue. And, can we stop threatening our elected officials to replace them with a woman, homosexual, minority, ad nauseum simply because it’s “time for a change?” How about their QUALIFICATIONS? A master surgeon or veteran litigator can’t be replaced with a kid right out of law/ medical school. I mean, that’s logic…right? Or…not.

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