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Like some demented version of Jan Brady howling, “Russia, Russia, Russia”, the mindless juggernaut of liberal denial just keeps trundling forward. When will it end? Because in a morally bankrupt ideology with no exit strategy, the left just can’t admit one thing—they were wrong and, they lost— move on.

By Pat Merriman

Not that they didn’t give it the ‘ol college try. As a baby-boomer yuppie, I was only 6 years old in 1963 when John Kennedy died. The moment the left defines as “Camelot”. The only meaning to me at the time? Cartoons replaced by the constant replay of Walter Cronkite solemnly intoning, “the President is dead”. And, that is when the liberal left began for the rest of us.

I was the generation behind the hippies like Bill and Hillary and my father (a yellow dog, conservative Democrat) had no use for these overgrown teenagers. Dirty, smelly and profane. I didn’t get them then and I don’t get them now. Because, honestly, they weren’t civil right activists, they don’t really stand for anything…they just stand against everything. I was raised to be a success— they want to penalize success by giving the ill-gotten gains to themselves.

And, that’s my problem right now. People run for elective office on a single issue. Something that tugs at the heartstrings because it’s just not fair. They’re going to “stop” some nefarious, ill-defined evil because it’s the “right thing to do”. Particularly, when it deals with women, children, animals, the environment or evil corporations. The ends justifies the means.

Meanwhile, any attack (no matter how absurd) against the opposition is fair game—even THEIR wife and kids. If the left gets elected (not happening right now), they quickly find out that actually running the people’s affairs is a heck of a lot more than that one, single issue and, their giveaways are expensive. And, merely being AGAINST something is not governing. By then, it’s too late.

Dems are against Donald Trump. He’s the epitome of everything that anarchy detests in the new millennium—rich, white, successful, internally-motivated, self-assured man who, like John Kennedy, is married to a beautiful woman. Really, that’s it. Because the same people who are throwing rocks right now are the same who were cozying up to this guy for the cash and the photo op before it.

What has really happened since January? A 55 percent reduction in illegal immigration, a new Supreme Court justice who saved us from more judicial activism, a complete repudiation of Obama’s 8-year apology of being an American, gutting bureaucracy at every level, strengthening the Second Amendment, a lifetime-ban on White House officials lobbying, the border wall moves forward, NATO allies begin paying their way, NAFTA, TPP and the Paris Accord are gone, oil pipelines are running, the federal Departments of Education and the EPA are brought to heel.

What about American Veteran’s relief (better care even outside the VA, preferential hiring, whistleblower protection, firing incompetent doctors, and speeding up case dispositions)? Trade reform, law enforcement assistance, and anti-terrorism initiatives? Or, just the fact that blue-collar folks once again have a reason to hope that they can work and support their families instead of slavery to Big Government.

All the while with limp-wristed Republicans, unified Democrat obstructionism and a federal court system which still engages in legislative activism. I guess Trump opponents really are Jan Brady—they’re in the shadow of Donald Trump and, they’re jealous. They got an award (high political office) and, it is crunch time. Like Jan Brady in that episode, stand up for something or go.

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