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So, what the heck is going on with this whole Russia-Clinton-Obama Uranium One deal? The Washington Post decries Fox Anchor Sean Hannity’s and Breitbart News’ rush to judgment by stating, “jumping waaay ahead of the facts.” So, again, what exactly are the facts and, is there a rush to judgment?

By Pat Merriman

Unfortunately for the Clinton Machine, its reputation precedes it—when a potential scandal is in the offing, attack the main witnesses by accusing them of exactly what, ultimately, will be revealed as their accusations against you—the old “duck and shuffle” preemptive strike. And with all the wailing about Trump and Russia with no proof…I’m just saying.

Yet, even the Post had to concede that accusations made last week “added a layer of ‘intrigue’ to the sale of a uranium mining company to Russia’s atomic energy agency, which was approved by the Clinton-led State Department and eight other U.S. government agencies.”

So, parsing this “intrigue” appears to be the only way to dig in there and get the actual facts. So, again, what are the facts?

Well, in 2010, the Obama Administration (brokered by Hillary Clinton) approved the Russian’s acquisition of the controlling interest in a Canadian company that owned uranium mines in the American West—20 percent of our strategic uranium reserves.

Unfortunately, no one checked with the FBI who had been, for months, investigating a “Kremlin scheme to grow Russia’s influence in the United States’ nuclear industry through corrupt business practices.” HUH?

A confidential informant, himself employed in the uranium industry, had come forward in 2009 to tell the FBI that he was being forced to give kick-backs from his salary to the Russians to keep his job.

The kick-backs were blatantly illegal under federal law and the C/I’s cooperation, along with uncovered secret recordings, rampant kick-backs, records, emails, secret meetings—the whole Monty of corruption surrounding Russia and this industry!

How did the C/I make out under the Obamanator? He never got a dime of his salary back and was threatened with prosecution if he told anyone about what he had done.

HMMM! At best, Obama’s right hand not knowing what his left hand is doing.

At worst—a scandal of epic proportions including another Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch cover-up of an Obama-Clinton mess. I mean it’s not like there’s any scarcity of those things!

Well, the Post missed the rest of the story. The National Review claims an eyewitness (with documentation) is claiming that, “Russian nuclear officials had routed millions of dollars to the U.S. designed to benefit former President Bill Clinton’s charitable foundation” ALL while Hillary was Secretary of State—the government official, ultimately, approving this sale.

What is also objectively true is that in June, 2010, while Hillary was brokering this deal, hubby Bill got $500,000 for his speech (in Russia) at “Renaissance Capital, a Kremlin-tied bank” that was involved in the uranium deal. Curiously, nine other investors backing it also gave the Clinton Foundation +/-$145 million in “donations”.

So, today, the $145 million question is why aren’t these witnesses being subpoenaed to appear before congress, a grand jury or the special prosecutor?

Or, why the Obama Administration kept all this quiet for 5 years? Or, why the feds are threatening material witnesses? Or, why the current Justice Department isn’t convening a grand jury? Or, why grants of immunity aren’t being dispensed to get to the heart of this?

Dubbed “Uranium One”, it is fast becoming the scandal that just keeps on scandalizing. And, one can only wonder why most of the media just seems to be dozing through this.

Pat Merriman is the Dunn County State Attorney. He is a photographer and also officiates high school and college athletics events in the area.

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