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Another senseless loss of life in Sutherland Springs, Texas, and the gun control debate blazes anew. Lost in this self-righteous chest thumping?

By Pat Merriman
First, another disenfranchised 26-year-old with no problem solving skills took it upon himself to right all the wrongs he perceived to have suffered on people who had absolutely nothing to do with that. I’ve repeatedly lamented that problem over the last 5 years, so, I won’t belabor it.
Finger-pointing will erupt as to “why” this animal popped his gasket and ended 26 innocent lives including babies, children and the elderly. Every salacious detail about—a loner, divorced, child/wife/animal abuser, kicked out of the military, one step ahead of the butterfly net. He was even driving an SUV. Focusing on the inconsequential. And, we shouldn’t care about why he did it!
Second, this didn’t happen “somewhere else to somebody else”.
This was small town America, an unincorporated “village” with a population of only 600 just 35 miles southeast of San Antonio. You know, what the libs would call “fly over” country. People who don’t matter to the elite but, who seem to bear the brunt of this armed thuggery.
Folks, it ain’t St. Louis, Detroit or Chicago. You have a beef—grab a gun or a big truck and go to town? It’s all fair game everywhere in the U.S. Anne Godlasky at USA Today whines about semantics. Who cares whether it’s defined as “domestic terrorism” or a “hate crime”?
The Korean War wasn’t defined as a war either (it was a police action) but, those soldiers who died there are just as dead regardless.
Finally, the naiveté of disarming Americans is grotesquely highlighted again.
Big cities “tsk tsk” and “pooh pooh” the death and misery in Texas in favor of gun control again. Even going so far as to ignore that this “Texas Hero”, 55-year-old Stephen Willeford—a retired plumber, was also a NRA shooting instructor and used an “assault rifle” at the First Baptist Church himself.
I looked everywhere, for days, trying to glean those facts. Willeford used an AR-15 to drive this thug away and, you couldn’t find the info anywhere—except the National Review.
Even though the Texas Dept. of Public Safety had announced early on that this “Good Samaritan” had engaged a killer with the same rifle and, hit him twice causing him to drop his rifle and run.
Mr. Willeford had been properly trained and when he saw the spree killer wearing Velcroed body armor, he fired accurately striking him in the side (between the armor panels) and in the neck. But, the national focus was only on the killer’s “self-inflicted gunshot wound”.
An inconvenient truth for the libs because to hear them tell it, the AR-15 is useless for self-defense. Rather, a “weapon of war” and only useful for gangsters and mass killers. Consistently belied across the country for self-defense.
And, their new spin about the Texas tragedy? It’s the Air Force’s fault because they didn’t red-flag the shooter. As if that would’ve stopped him.
Or, the other vacuous argument that Willeford did not STOP the killing either—the folks in the church were already dead/injured.
Really? Because these animals never escape, barricade, kill cops and then end their own life later, right? I think Mr. Willeford did all that he could, in the time that he had and he DID stop this thug with two well-placed .223 rounds.
And, you know what else? Don’t confront a trained, barefoot, senior citizen with his own AR-15 if you’re an armed thug! Enough said.

Pat Merriman is the Dunn County State Attorney. He is a photographer and also officiates high school and college athletics events in the area.

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