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The NFL’s in full-blown, melt-down mode this year. Frankly, lay the lion’s share of the blame on Roger “Politically-Correct” Goodell who never met a power play he didn’t like.

By Pat Merriman
Unfortunately, while also, simultaneously, alienating every long-time football fan in the process.
2017 started (again) with the spread of He Who Shall Not Be Named’s “protest” over…uh… well…no one’s quite sure. Is it “oppression of people of color in the United States, specifically, by police”? Or, just a protest over generic injustice du jour? The message just never really jibes with the method. I mean with all the dead police officers and all.
And, don’t forget, Goodell, is the same guy who double-speaks that he LOVES America’s finest, while, making the Armed Forces pay for their own tributes at NFL games. To the tune of more than $700,000 at last count. We all assumed the NFL (since it prints billions in US currency) paid for all that out of its pocket.
A possible explanation for why no discipline for all the kneeling “protestors” since support for heroes is mere lip service?
Ignore the Roger’s help in moving the Raiders to Vegas (the sin, alcohol and gambling capitol of the world)—that can’t possibly go wrong. As a long-suffering KC Chiefs fan, watching their Oakland fans banging their heads is…well…heart-warming but, it’s still not fair.
So, Goodell’s tepid, non-response to this anthem “protest” is illogical. Further damaging revenue but, demonstrating who’s in charge.
Goodell just seems to be the old joke—he keeps hitting himself in the head with a hammer because it feels so good when he quits.
Case-in-point HAD to be handing the Lombardi trophy to his arch enemies the Patriots after last year’s Super Bowl. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus! Can you say Deflate Gate—what? But, Roger showed the NFL’s biggest star who’s boss.
Remember, the Roger is also the 32-million-dollar mastermind behind Thursday Night Football. Ray Lewis sums up, “the worst thing you’ve ever put in sports”.
Players get beat up badly enough without only 4-days rest. And, remember this knucklehead wants an eighteen game season—the same guy behind the NFL’s concussion non-protocol scandal where he “doctored” government safety studies. An extended season—the gift that keeps on giving…long term disabilities.
A partial list of the Goodell hit parade? The 2012 referee lockout (after the Roger lowballed them), Michael Vick, Ray Rice, Pacman Jones, Terrelle Pryor, Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy, Josh Brown, Ezekiel Elliott, the interminable replay crap in New York that doesn’t work either!
Maybe this year, the Roger can find another whiny, sensitive, half-time protest show for the Super Bowl…with unicorns!
And, this NFL broadcast policy where you have to watch a favorite team’s game as a re-run (at $100+ per season) instead of live television no matter how far away you live from the venue?
Sort of consistent when the Roger fines teams (up to $100,000) for tweeting out their own game highlights.
Last Sunday, the melee in Oakland between the Raiders and Broncos will give Goodell another chance to demonstrate his power and commitment to integrity.
A fight between Michael Crabtree and Aqib Talib with roots in last season’s finale in Denver where Talib ripped a chain from Crabtree’s neck. A repeat performance now this year. EXCEPT, this time, three ejections and a sideline brawl with an NFL official pushed by Denver guard Gabe Jackson.
You gonna stop that Roger?
Maybe you should heed Raider defensive lineman Denico Autry, “I was on a bike warming up…But I love my money so I’m going to stay on the sideline.” And, with the Roger, it’s all about the money—right?

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