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It was one of those weeks. The Bear flew to Kansas City on Tuesday to hang with her parents and catch up with her friends back in Missouri. So, I figured a nice, quiet stretch where I could catch a movie, eat out for dinner and watch the KC Chiefs whip up on the Tennessee Titans.

By Pat Merriman
Well…at least that was the plan!
First, it was petition circulation time. You see, to run for any public office in North Dakota, you have to go around, find 30 eligible voters, have ‘em sign their name and, then, turn it in.
And, a couple of people (I’ve never even met) were just downright rude. I mean, if you don’t want to sign, just say so. Save the glares, sniffs and cold shoulders. YIKES!
Second, every year elected county officials put together “baskets” of goodies for door prizes at the employee appreciation event. Well, my wife’s good at that stuff…I’m never done it before.
So, on Thursday, I went to the store, got a basket and filled it with all the stuff I liked, dropped it off and, then, I wished I’d kept the basket for myself for snacks.
Third, Friday was quiet until about 3 PM—catching up on paperwork. I returned a phone call to a guy who was having trouble with a tenant.
Not my best decision. Again, never met him but, he was one of several folks who have bad renters the last 3 weeks they want to get rid of.
Well, the States Attorney can’t do that for ya. You have to evict them yourself or hire a civil lawyer.
Everyone else I’ve ever told that has said, “Well, thanks for taking my call and answering these questions.” Not this fellow!
“Well what in the He@# are you good for then? All you do is sit over there at Nana Lil’s with your minions every day” and he hangs up on me. Really? I mean I eat there every OTHER day for breakfast because, well, I can’t cook that good and the Bear has to get to the daycare early, so, it’s either the Breakfast Posse right next door or, go hungry.
And, when did eating with your friends, having a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, and answering their questions become a bad thing?
I guess some folks think otherwise.
Fourth, on Saturday, I pulled up the movie list at the Odyssey 3 on the computer…already seen ‘em. So, that meant spending a boring Saturday in anticipation of the Chiefs-Titans AFC wild-card game. Except the DISH guide didn’t list the game and, said I wasn’t “eligible” to receive it. A panicked phone call to the customer service guys, 15-minute wait and, assurances that game was actually on ABC affiliate KBMY on channel 17.
I knew something was up when the second phone option was to press “1” to find your football game.
Fifth, I shouldn’t have bothered. Same old Chiefs. Seriously, it’s been 49 years of misery and, dashed hopes!
How you blow a 21 point lead and allow that many points in the second half is beyond me! Andy Reid, go away and take Alex manage-the-game Smith with you please! Enough is enough!
Sixth, Sunday Mass, and left-overs! SIGH! And, the work week started over again with hearings, files and meetings, etc.—you know that stuff I do in between loitering at Nana Lil’s with the Breakfast Posse and being a BAD influence on them.
I sure was glad when my wife got home—but, don’t tell her, OK!

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One thought on “Rest of the Story

  1. What did I just read? This is an absolute waste of column inches. This literally lacks any substance or a solution to the utter ramblings/ problem of an elected official who could probably do his job better.
    Come on Dunn County, you’re better than this.
    P.S. Maybe call your wife by her name instead of a wild animal, she may actually not put you through “”left-overs” SIGH”.


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