Road Work Continues on Hwy 200

NorthernImprovement, Inc. is completing road work East of Killdeer.

Road construction seems to be going on in every direction. It is a tad burdensome while the work is being done, but upon completion, it is always worth the wait! Many have been curious about what is actually being done on Highway 200. However, some may not know that it is being constructed by two different companies.

If you typically drive west from the Killdeer roundabout to Highway 85, that construction is being managed by Baranko Brothers Inc. (Dickinson). Project Superintendent, Jason Hicks, explained, “We started construction in the Spring of 2016, and it was planned by the NDDOT to be a two year project. The basic stages of construction are lengthening or replacing existing culverts. Then, widening the existing roadway to accommodate two way traffic during construction. After that, we have reconstructing and regrading the existing highway, followed by new gravel and then asphalt paving.” Knife River Corp. is the paving subcontractor and Industrial Builders Inc. is the bridge and milling subcontractor. Hicks went on to explain, “The project is a total reconstruct consisting of a combination of shoulder widening, passing lanes, and turning lanes. The completion date for the project is October 21, 2017, and to my knowledge, there is no future work planned for this stretch of road after this project.”
If you usually drive east from the Killdeer roundabout to Dunn Center, the construction is being managed by Northern Improvement Co. Project Manager, Greg Beck, stated, “We started work on April 17th, 2017. This project has three specific phases.  The first is the realignment of ND 200 at Dunn Center where the road is being completely moved. The second is the replacement of the bridge at Spring Creek that feeds into the Lake Ilo Wildlife Refuge.  The original structure was built in 1956 and is being replaced with a new box culvert structure.  The third and final phase is the widening of the highway and installation of turn lanes on the west half of the project.  This will incorporate some work involving the roundabout in Killdeer. The road is being widened to accommodate truck traffic by building six foot shoulders. They are also adding turn lanes at major intersections at Killdeer and Dunn Center to help with the flow of traffic.  The State is also replacing the old bridge as part of their work to replace structures that have out lived their accounted for life cycle.” There are multiple subcontractors on this project.  The main dirt work contractor is Martin Construction Inc. (Dickinson).  They are doing the widenings and box culvert replacement for us. Beck also stated, “The estimated completion date is October 21, 2017. As for future roadwork, Northern Improvement Co. will also be performing a pavement mill and overlay of ND 200 from Dunn Center to Halliday.”
Due to the continuation plan for Northern Improvement Co., they have also stated, “We appreciate the public’s cooperation and patience during this construction process. There are many moving parts and lots of individuals working throughout this project, and our main concern is safety for the traveling public and all the workers in these zones. Just to let the traveling public know, there is a 12 foot width restriction through our work zone.  If equipment that does not meet this width restriction needs to be moved through, we would appreciate being contacted so that we can figure out how to assist in safely maneuvering this equipment through the work zone.”
It will be exciting to see what these new roads look like upon completion. They are going to add so much additional accessibility, flow, and ease to any commute.

Baranko Brothers is completing road work West of Killdeer.

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