Roads are priority for Dunn County Commissioners

Some roads are straight, some roads are curvy and some roads took up a majority of time for the Dunn County Commissioners at their regular meeting on April 15, 2015.

By by Pam Kukla
For the DC Herald
The meeting began with road updates on the various projects slated for this year’s construction season. The South Heart Road project, which is partially funded by the Surge Bill, is in Phase 2 which could mean possible delays for drivers. Three miles of road will be developed at a time with a pilot car helping direct traffic. An update on the Kovash Road was given. That road is 60% completed and according to Commissioner Daryl Dukart it is very well done.
Other projects were discussed with concerns being brought up by the commissioners. Commissioners urged the need for the construction crews to take care removing the culverts so they could be salvaged. Taking care of the ditches and the chance of noxious weeds growing in them were also discussed.
Commissioner Donna Scott mentioned the lake access road and the current speed limit of 15 mph. It had been brought to Scott’s attention that pulling out of the lake area while hauling a boat or other recreational vehicle at 15 mph is difficult. It was discussed that the 15 mph limit might be based on how the road curves or if the road could even handle a higher mph.
Mike Zimmerman from the road department discussed the corrosive effects of the deicing agent used on the county roads this winter. There is now an additive that can be included which would minimize the effects. Zimmerman said the additive would be an additional cost but the budget would be able to handle it. The commissioners followed his recommendation and it will be used for next year’s winter driving.
As the dry conditions increase, dust control was brought up by Zimmerman. Currently the application of dust control is staggered but the road crew takes in consideration where the traffic is heaviest. Currently the dust control has been focused on the roads by homes and farmsteads.
The dry weather conditions and red flag warnings prompted Commissioner Bob Kleeman to suggest the county water trucks be filled at night for use in case of fires. He also suggested they gather a list of volunteers who would be willing to help in case of a fire.
Extension Agent Becky Buchmann updated the commissioners on an emergency simulation will scheduled for June. It will be a four hour table top exercise about a possible fair emergency. She said Dunn County is only one of two sites chosen in ND for the FEMA exercise. Dunn County residents interested in participating in an NDSU Dust Study can contact the extension office for information.
Buchmann also discussed the Dunn County Food Pantry. She stated Social Services is getting very busy and needs some help with the system. Setting different times and possibly staffing with volunteers would help.

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