Seat belts major factor in auto accidents

The number one contributing factor of motor vehicle fatalities in North Dakota is not wearing a seat belt. To help combat that, fifty-two law enforcement agencies statewide will add extra patrols to participate in a nationwide Click It or Ticket enforcement campaign, May 22 through June 4, to save lives.

In 2016, 58 percent of motor vehicle fatalities in North Dakota were not wearing their seat belt.

Law enforcement is turning the heat up on seat belt use during our Click It or Ticket enforcement campaign because summertime is a good time to remind people to buckle up.

More travelers are on the roadways and it’s easy to think because the weather is nice, your drive will be uneventful. Motor vehicle crashes can happen anywhere, any time, so it’s vital that everyone buckle up for safety.

In addition to extra patrols during this time period, the NDDOT announced a new virtual reality tool to demonstrate the importance of buckling up.

“Every year, the NDDOT and law enforcement work hard to educate drivers and passengers about the importance of wearing a seat belt,” said Ashlee Doan, NDDOT Safety Public Information Specialist. “Through virtual reality (VR), the NDDOT is helping people ‘experience’ a crash where a vehicle occupant suffers consequences from not wearing a seat belt. Our ultimate goal is to have all North Dakotans wearing a seat belt every trip, every time.”

The VR video depicts four individuals in a vehicle that crashes. The viewer is in the front passenger position and gets an up-close and personal view to the aftermath of the crash which shows an unbelted passenger partially ejected from the vehicle, and other passengers receiving medical assistance.

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