Singing For A Cause

Ben Rutabara plays Contemporary Christian music during a fundraising event at St. John’s Lutheran Church.

Ben Rutabara came to St. John’s Lutheran Church, in Killdeer, over a year ago. He is an outstanding contemporary singer and songwriter, and his one goal is to praise God.

Nicole Nowitzki

Dunn County Herald

Recently, he approached his church about holding a benefit for his sister’s son, Daniel Zahabu. Currently, his sister’s family is living in a refugee camp in Uganda. They are from Congo, but due to the war, they had to leave their home to find safety elsewhere.

Daniel was born with a syndrome that is causing Ben’s sister to seek help to save her son. It is going to cost a significant amount of money to fly to the hospital that will treat him and have the medical procedure. She has reached out to Ben, and he, as well as his brother, have been sending money to each month to his sister. They are doing their best to help, but he thought he would use his gift to further help the situation.

St. John’s Lutheran Church held a benefit on June 8, and donations will be sent to help his nephew. His covers of contemporary songs were beautiful, but you could feel the true power of God when he sang songs he had written.

Hopefully, Daniel will soon be able to get the medical procedures he desperately needs. The community will be praying for the Zahabu family.

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