Social Media Takeover


Last week, in an effort to reach our subscribers through social media, the Dunn County Herald premiered its first ever live broadcast via Facebook of the County Commissioners Meeting.

By Bryan Katz

While the live feed was short, many folks in and around Dunn County were able to voice their opinions on the matter that was being discussed during the feed. The live broadcast lasted approximately three minutes, reached well over 1,100 people and received over 750 views.

This is indeed a large feat for a small and local newspaper. Technology has made positive advancement in that, even a newspaper like the Dunn County Herald can now be seen, heard and shared with those in and out of the community.

Based on the turnout that we received during the live feed, we will most definitely be live broadcasting again in the near future.

Along with our Faceook and Twitter pages, we are introducing another form of social media to be able to reach an even broader audience – Instagram.

Instagram will allow us to post photos from each week’s paper, different events in the community, and even photos submitted by our subscribers and viewers.     The Dunn County Herald hopes to become even more deeply rooted and invested in the community by expanding our reach.

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