Spethman appointed to Killdeer commission

Joel Spethman is back on the Killdeer City Commission.

Spethman was appointed by the commission to fill a seat vacated by Logan Wallace in November. Wallace stepped down from the commission on Nov. 21, 2016, four months after he was elected to the position in July.

Wallace resigned because he accepted a job with the city of Killdeer. He had to resign because city policy states you can’t serve on the commission if you are an employee of the city.

Spethman previously served on the commission from 2012 to 2016.

During its meeting on Jan. 3, unanimously approved Spethman’s appointment, after Commissioner Kevin Canddrian moved and Commissioner Carey Praus seconded the motion.

Spethman did not return a phone call from the Dunn County Herald seeking comment.

Spethman will take the oath of office during the commission’s regular meeting on Jan. 16.

Spethman was one of several individuals who expressed an interest in the seat. The commission appointed Spethman because he was already familiar with many of the city projects underway, said Dawn Marquardt, Killdeer city auditor.

Making the appointment was one of three options the commission considered regarding the vacant position. They could’ve had a special election or left the seat vacant.

Spethman will complete the four-year term. The commission is now complete, made up of Chuck Muscha, Anita Mjolhus, Candrian, Praus, and now Spethman.

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