Temporary classrooms waiting to be set up on school grounds.

Classrooms at Killdeer Public School are filling up.

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For the DC Herald

With a growing student population, it was necessary to bring in several temporary classrooms to ease the burden of potential overcrowding. But some of those new classrooms are sitting on school property, unwrapped and unused.

A few of those new temporary buildings currently are taking up space in the school’s parking lot and playground area, with their final resting spot to be located on the west side of the building.

It was a problem with contractors that resulted in those classrooms not being set up. They had issues maintaining employees and the project was stalled over the summer, according to Superintendent Gary Wilz.

The original person who was there from the beginning and dealt with the bid for the project is no longer with the company. The company since has found a replacement and the project is back on track.

The school is hoping to get the classrooms ready for use within the next few weeks.

For now, there are a few temporary classrooms that were set up in time, positioned around space at the school.

“We have some extra space, but it’s not the most perfect setup. We’re really in need for those classrooms to be set,” Wilz said.

There was a high school math class that has a temporary set up in the elementary library, according to Wilz, which poses some logistical problems.

Along with the classrooms being set up, the school also will be installing weatherproof hallways between the buildings. Though those aren’t ready

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  1. Wow where did all the kids come from? The town had not seemed to have grown when I was there last year. Glad my class had only 35.

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