Thank you for helping us get through this

To the people who raised us …
Everyone is congratulating us graduating high school, but it’s you guys that should be getting the cards and applauses. We wouldn’t have made it to this point without your love, dedication, support, and occasional screams of frustration. I mean, let’s be honest, we probably wouldn’t even wake up every morning without you yelling at us to get our butts out of bed, “OR ELSE.”

By Hoyt Zander
Yep, we definitely have some adjustments to make before college or it will be tough.
I know you’ll all miss us as much as we’ll miss you. But, on the upside, the water bill should be a lot lower without our hour-long showers; but then again, the money you save on the water bill can just go towards our tuition.
If we forget to call, we’re sorry. You are the most important people in our lives and we love you very much.
We’ll probably stress you out a few times over the next few years by switching majors and scratching at the door for more money. We can argue with you guys about nearly everything and not see eye to eye all the time, but we will still gladly take your advice because you’re right most of the time and also, “Because you said so.”
We hope someday we can raise our own children as selflessly and successfully as you have raised us. If we don’t, at least they’ll have amazing grandparents to fall back on.
We can never repay you for all of this. But you can be proud of who we’ve become. We know what is good, right, and true, and we know it is our duty to fight for those things. You’ve given us the fuel for the flame lighting the path to our bright future, and you’ve taught us to bring happiness to the dark places of this world.
To everyone that raised us, thank you for everything. Thank you for all the worrying, scheduling, and budgeting that went into the opportunities you gave us. Thank you for enforcing the rules even when we pushed against them. Thank you for sheltering us from evil until we were ready to fight it on our own. Thank you for the meals you make us, for the beds we sleep in, and for the phones, that we would not survive without.
We’d all like to give you a token of our appreciation, we love you so much and are very grateful for the things you’ve done for us.
Can we make up for all seventeen or eighteen years of not saying thank you enough by repeating it over and over now? Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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