The grass might not be greener, but it is cleaner

The ditches around Highway 22 were cleaner on April 22 thanks to the N.D. Dept. of Transportation.

By by Pam Kukla
For the DC Herald


Starting last year employees have cleaned the ditches around the area to celebrate Earth Day. The employees said the areas have been bad and there are 100s of garbage bags in the dumpsters at the end of the day. Last year they cleaned up around the overpasses on I-94 and this year Dunn County was chosen as a clean-up location.


It was lightheartedly suggested that to make the day more fun, residents might want to “throw cash not trash.” There was actually a treasure found this year for one lucky individual. Anyone who might have lost their drivers’ license and credit card on the stretch of Hwy 22 south of the roundabout should contact the DOT office, they found it. Thanks NDDOT for making our roads cleaner for us!

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