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As Missouri and Chicago continue to mourn in the wake of Black Lives Matter and, the body count mounts, the truth is starting to emerge.

By Pat Merriman

Like North Dakota, Missouri’s new constitutional-carry law went into effect this past January. Unlike these two states, Illinois, although a “shall issue” state, is one of the top 5 anti-gun venues in the United States. Costing an estimated $500 to even get a permit with a 3-day waiting period for handguns.

Unfairly disadvantaging the poor? Couple that with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his ilk continuing to promote bad police policies wrapped up in the guise of social engineering as a sanctuary city. Sanctuary—a place of safety. Safe for whom? Thugs and killers. Particularly, those “non-violent” drug dealers and users who roam the streets shooting at will.

President Trump and other logical thinkers point out the self-obvious, “totally out of control.” Heather Mac Donald of the Wall Street Journal blames Obama’s weak-kneed Justice Department as the root of the escalating violence in Chicago. One year later? Only 20 percent of murderers were caught and prosecuted in 2016. The killing grounds continue, particularly, for the poor and inner-city.

Unlike Missouri’s governor (Navy SEAL Eric Greitens) who brought the Highway Patrol to St. Louis to help (with cheers from Democrat Mayor Lyda Krewson); Rahm Emanuel exacerbated any already untenable situation by closing down bureaus in his highest crime districts, disbanding gang task forces and kissing up to the ACLU. Crippling the Chicago PD. Why? Because poor Chicagoans in the inner city don’t have the political clout.

Simply put, in Chicago, arrest rates plummet and the body count reaches for the sky. Emanuel’s most recent excuse? Government, particularly the feds, haven’t passed enough gun control laws, “it’s all about guns, and that’s why the crusade is on.” Libs in the windy city haven’t learned anything since late 1982 when they tried to outlaw the only protection that matters for these victims. After their ban, the city’s murder rates started soaring. If the police can’t come, who’re you gonna call?

The dirty little secret? Forbes magazine (not exactly known for phony polling) presents the truth, “studies reveal the gun-control hypesters’ worst nightmare…more people are buying firearms, while firearm-related homicides and suicides are steadily diminishing.” Says who? The US Dept. of Justice and the Pew Research Center. Gun-related homicides dropped by 39 percent and non-fatal firearms crime by 69 percent! Exactly the opposite of the claims of the libs.

“And where did the bad people who did the shooting get most of their guns? Were those gun show ‘loopholes’ responsible? Nope…only 2 percent who owned a gun at the time of their offense bought it at either a gun show or flea market. About 10 percent said they purchased their gun from a retail shop or pawnshop, 37 percent obtained it from family or friends, and another 40 percent obtained it from an illegal source.” Again, exactly the opposite of popular mythology.

“Pew researchers observed that the huge amount of attention devoted to gun violence incidents in the media has caused most Americans to be unaware that gun crime is ‘strikingly down’ from 20 years ago.” John Lott, author of “More Guns, Less Crime” has done exhaustive research and concluded that shall-issue states like North Dakota have produced a “steady decrease in violent crime. He explains that this is logical because criminals are deterred by the risk of attacking an armed target, so as more citizens arm themselves, danger to the criminals increases.”

Will the discussion change for the better in our legislatures? It did in Missouri and North Dakota!

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