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On September 15th, St. Louis Circuit Judge Timothy Wilson found Officer Jason Stockley not guilty of the murder of a heroin dealer and, the city exploded… again! Headlines screamed that another travesty of justice because the mob rules and says so.

By Pat Merriman

Serious digging found Judge Wilson’s 30-page ruling. Written by the 69-year-old, 30-year veteran, well respected jurist now painted a racist by BLM. Stockley (a veteran field training officer with his department) had been convicted in the court of public opinion and, once again, a miscarriage of justice, so, let’s riot like it’s 2014!

Judge Wilson didn’t mince words. On December 20, 2011, 24-year-old Anthony Smith (a parole violator, drug dealer and career felon facing life in prison) parked his silver Buick outside Church’s Fried Chicken, entered the restaurant, left the motor running, returned to the car twice for no logical reason while his passenger (himself a convicted drug dealer facing prison too) urinated on the rear wall of the building.

Officers Bianchi and Stockley watched Smith engage in a hand-to-hand exchange at Church’s, pulled up behind the Buick as Smith came out a third time, got inside and slammed into the patrol cruiser and another parked car. Also striking Stockley’s arm. Bianchi actually broke out the driver’s window with the butt of his sidearm, yelling “Gun”.

Shockley saw Smith’s hand touching a handgun in the passenger seat of the Buick and, he fired at the Buick as it sped away. Officer Bianchi gave chase while Stockley rode passenger; and, after a 3-minute chase, on wet streets, at speeds up to 87 mph and into oncoming traffic, the Buick crashed. Judge Wilson summed all this up, “Smith’s perilous conduct” not free speech.

Bianchi ran up to Smith’s Buick with his hand on his weapon, tried to open the driver’s door while Stockley wrestled with Smith shouting “Show me your hands.” He watched as Smith continued to reach for his pistol and, the officer drew his own sidearm firing 5 shots.

Investigators recovered Smith’s loaded .38 caliber revolver and a bag of heroin from the Buick. The FBI investigated, 5 years passed, no charges filed and, the political circus began. Judge Wilson poured over the evidence, categorically rejecting claims that Stockley planted a weapon or did anything wrong. He found it noteworthy that the feds declined charges too.

Wilson also reminded that Stockley was “presumed innocent”, had no duty to “retreat or desist from efforts to arrest”, could “use deadly force” to arrest Smith and prevent his escape. He rejected any inference from any excited utterance by the officer and, found it “significant” that Stockley had never met Smith.

As the judge pointed out, innuendo aside, “based on…nearly thirty years on the bench… an urban heroin dealer not in possession of a firearm would be an anomaly.” Wilson also chided that judges don’t base their decisions on “partisan interests, public clamor or fear of criticism” by the public, media government officials or even friends/family.  Even unpopular defendants are presumed innocent. That pesky constitution again!

That didn’t stop BLM’ers like Missouri State Rep. Michael Butler (Democrat) from playing the race card, “This not-guilty verdict of a police officer who violently killed a citizen is another slap in the face to the black community in St. Louis…And a shot in the heart to the family of the victim…No justice. No peace.”

It also didn’t stop Newsweek, “A planted gun. A six-year-old case. A $900,000 settlement. A city in chaos. The scars of Ferguson, revived.” But, heck, why let the truth get in the way of a good riot. Rule of law or chaos, folks?

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