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Last Sunday, USA Today “sports” reporter Jarrett Bell penned It’s Time for NFL Owners to Stand up to Trump. I agree that it’s time for the NFL owners to “stand up” but, Bell is, frankly, just full of bovine feces in his take on this issue.

By Pat Merriman

He styles Colin Kaepernick’s antics as a “protest”. Nah…protests occur on YOUR time not your EMPLOYER’s. That’s called insubordination unless your employer is endorsing your antics. In which case, you’re no longer making widgets…you’re a political action committee. Bell says, “When the President of the United States, in all of his ignorance, urges his base of supporters to walk out on your game, your livelihood, your principles…it is way past time to provide a determined response.” I agree!

As NFL fans, it’s time for us to start boycotting because I’m not paying an average $350 per ticket to watch a multi-millionaire express his views about life which denigrate this great country. I’m there to watch a premiere athlete play the sport I admire. That’s the bottom line! Every business owner knows there’s 2 things you don’t discuss at work—religion or politics.

Mr. NFL Owner, our taxes paid for your stadium and those luxury boxes where your butt is sitting. By the time I park, eat a hotdog and down a couple of refreshments with my wife, I’m out ONE GRAND. Mr. Bell opines, “now is clearly the time for some NFL owners to step up.” No guys, you’d better check your declining TV ratings, soaring ticket prices, player safety and boycotts from those who oppose BLM and Kaepernickers.

What is clear? It’s the time for owners to step up to cry-babies like Colin Kaepernick and remind them that the National Anthem is not theirs to critique and polarize on the company’s sideline. And, it’s ONLY because of this great country’s culture, opportunities (and the sacrifice of our ancestors) that these guys even get to play a child’s game and make millions of dollars taken from their fans’ pockets.

Bell pontificates about the “moral ledger”, the Great Emancipator Roger Goodell (and all of his politically-correct edicts that already caused old fans to defect) but, decries President Trump for bashing them. Stop distracting from head trauma guy! I’ve been an official for over 2 decades and, I remind this clown that football WAS going to be outlawed in the United States in 1905 by President Teddy Roosevelt—by Executive Order.

The same violence and trauma about which Mr. Bell anguishes today (and Goodell ignores) was the impetus for the NCAA and the first football rules in this country. Of course, no one objected to Roosevelt’s demand to adopt player safety rules and, today, no one should object that Trump reminds patriots that they shouldn’t have to sit there and watch this nonsense on Sunday!

So, Mr. Bell, “like all of us, NFL owners [do] have a right to support the political candidate and party of their choosing” but, the rest of us peons have the right to change the channel and boycott these guys when we see this sickening display. Hypocrisy is continuing to ignore President Roosevelt (a rich white guy too) and his comments while sweeping head trauma under the rug, but, trash Donald Trump over politics.

This country isn’t “polarized” by Donald Trump. It’s polarized because the alt-left thought they had already beaten the rest of us into submission over the last 50 years. The last election proved they were wrong and, the NFL is NOT the stage upon which to continue to whine about those election results. That’s the purview of stage plays in New York City.

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