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How bad is the body count in Chicago, this past weekend, in the wake of the Black Lives Matter nonsense last year? While the mainstream media slices and dices the latest President Trump minutiae, they continue to ignore the Obamanator-inspired killing grounds in the Windy City. This past Sunday, the body count was unbelievable in just one spree. One dead and eleven wounded in ONE drive-by shooting on the South side.

And, one other wrinkle in this whole mess is the likely impetus for all this killing—the national trend to release “non-violent” drug offenders back into the community in the name of fairness and saving a buck in our State capitals. Remember that Obama was also the poster child for this catch and release program too.

Fox News reports that “Lamar Harris had seven felony convictions and 43 arrests when he shot three Chicago police officers. The same week, Samuel Harviley, who had just been paroled after serving less than half of his sentence for armed carjacking, shot yet another of the Windy City’s finest. Police officials, researchers and many elected leaders all agree that the pair were prime examples of the violent pool of criminals driving the city’s historically high crime rate. Ex-cons well-known to police and with a proven propensity for violence are being let out early from prison or let off lightly by judges, only to wreak havoc on the city.” 

Say what? You mean that these so-called experts were…well…wrong! Fox continues, “We are not incarcerating a bunch of harmless sad sacks who are merely caught with a joint.” And, uh, guys…Fox was laying down this knowledge in April of LAST YEAR!

“Chicago Police Department Chief of Patrol Eddie Johnson, says the rate of murders and shootings can’t be reversed until the criminal justice system begins to hold offenders accountable.” Of course the Village Idiots, like Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, is just content to continue to thumb his nose at our new President and make the ridiculous claim that his city is a “sanctuary”. For whom? Apparently not for the decent residents and police officers who live in the killing ground.

Fox News nails it, “Illinois is one of several states implementing recommendations from prison reform commissions to reduce or even eliminate mandatory minimum sentences. Those groups seek to reduce prison populations by as much as 25 percent.” Sound familiar? Our own NDDoC Director Leann Bertsch has sold this same line of crap here in the Peace Garden state.

Guys, follow my logic here! We tried this back in the 1970’s remember and, that’s what drove the cocaine wars of the ‘80’s, the crack of the 90’s, the meth of the New Millenium and the spike in heroin and fentanyl of the last decade. When drug dealers go to jail, they have ONE skill set—slinging dope.

When they get back out, the same, stupid mindset drives them back into their old environs.  Believe it or not, the guy(s) who replaced them while they sat in the can take umbrage at their old competition returning to the ‘hood and taking back up the ‘biz. Now, guys like, Obama, Clinton and Emanuel are Ivy League intellectuals. They just don’t get that in the land where unicorns roam and lollipops grow on trees.

But, make no mistake…we will all watch the body count climb in this rush to save a buck and, as violent crime makes an uptick here in North Dakota, we will not be immune either. Hopefully, wiser heads prevail at some point. VERY SOON!

Pat Merriman is the Dunn County State Attorney. He is a photographer and also officiates high school and college athletics events in the area.

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