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Navy SEAL David Goggins has a mantra or a saying. Goggins is often referred to as the “toughest athlete on the planet” having completed some of the world’s toughest endurance challenges and setting world records in endurance feats.

Goggins’ saying is simple.

“When you think you’re done, you’re only at 40 percent of your total potential.”

Goggins believes that when you hit the wall and you believe that you can go no further you can in fact tap into 60 percent more of your real self.

In the world of sports and fitness 2-5 percent can be a huge advantage. Imagine getting 60 percent more out of your body.

It sounds like a strange thing to suggest, nearly impossible really. Yet every time you watch a marathon or a tri or a sports event, you are witness to some of the greatest feats of all time.

There is hope in what Goggins is suggesting. It means it is never too late to push beyond what you were and become what you authentically are.

I first heard Goggins speak on the “Rich Roll Podcast” and was immediately drawn into what he is all about.

I dare you to ‘Google’ and read what he has accomplished. The purpose of this week’s article isn’t to brag about listening to Goggins speak but is instead about the power of the mind and how when we exercise our minds we can exercise our soul.

Health and Wellness is a constant conversation about cardio, weights, calories, diet and on and on.

We limit ourselves by putting only those words into the conversations.

Our minds are just as important as the muscles that move us.

Have you met someone who truly believes in something?

It’s amazing. They truly are an unmovable object. It’s inspiring and also intimidating. They can be so set on a goal that they are almost scary.

I see a lot of people approach health and wellness that way and get discouraged by others because they are ‘too serious’ and need to “relax.”

Critics always have the best jobs. They get to sit back, examine every move you make, and pick you apart. I’m here to say that if you follow the Goggins way and just worry about you, there can be no wrong.

It is hard to filter out the noise when you undertake something that is as difficult as health and wellness.

What works best is finding your own solution. Its why no matter how many times someone tells me I need to eat animal products I know better.

It’s what I found works for me, a plant-based diet.

When things get really difficult I always go back to David Goggins, his stories, his inspirational life, and his saying

“When you think you’re done, you’re only at 40 percent of your total potential.”

Live well.

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