U.S. Sen. Hoeven makes visit to Killdeer

Approved CFF
Approved CFF

U.S. Sen. John Hoeven on Aug. 25 toured Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing Co.’s facilities in Killdeer, one of four western North Dakota communities where the company makes electronic equipment for the defense and aerospace industries.

“We are pleased and flattered that Sen. Hoeven would take time during his busy schedule to visit KMM,” said Don Hedger, the company’s president. “The attention and support of people like Sen. Hoeven are important to keeping North Dakota’s business community strong.”

KMM employs about 350 people in its facilities in Killdeer, Dickinson, Hettinger and Regent.  It makes electronic gear to its customers’ specifications, including circuit boards, wire harnesses and sensors for military and civilian aircraft.

Hedger said he and Hoeven discussed the Senate’s role in advocating a $9 billion sale of fighter planes to Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar. President Barack Obama’s approval is needed to complete the deal, which has attracted bipartisan Senate support.

The proposed sale includes F-16s, which are built by Lockheed Martin Corp., and F-15 and F/A-18 fighters manufactured by Boeing. KMM supplies parts for the F-15 fighter.

The deal has been awaiting approval for more than two years. Its supporters say the three countries could buy fighters elsewhere if the delay continues.

Don Hedger and his wife, Patricia, founded KMM in Killdeer, in leased space that was once used as a hardware store. KMM will celebrate its 30th anniversary next year. It is a third-generation family business.

“KMM is a real North Dakota success story,” Hoeven said. “From humble beginnings, Don and Patricia have built a world-class, high-tech company on the prairie that serves our nation and makes our state proud.”

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