Varsity Football


The outcome for Killdeer Cowboys football is becoming a bit predictable.

By Bryan Katz

There’s a trend that seems to be ever-rising: winning. In fact, I’d bet my last dollar that DJ Khaled produced his hit song, “All I Do Is Win,” specifically for the 2017 Killdeer Cowboys football team.

Last Friday, our Cowboys squared up against Bowman County and defeated them 24-14 in a very well-played and strategically executed game. Killdeer scored first, leading 6-0 at the end of the first quarter. By the end of the second quarter, Killdeer had 12 points on the board leaving the Bulldogs in the dust with 0. No points were scored in the third quarter, but Bowman came back around in the fourth, giving Killdeer a run for our money, putting 14 on the board while Killdeer was only able to score 6.

All in all, both teams were well-rounded and came to play ball. Definsively, Killdeer was stacked. Alex Sadowsky (16), Dylan Tabor (19), Zack Andersen (20), Cole Dukart (21), Riley Reiss (27), John Tomjack (34), Kadin Nodland (45), Michael Moreno (54), Zane Pittsley (57), Liam McFadden (64), Cody Bryant (78), Garrett LeMieux (81), Dawson Schmeling (82) and Kacen Gartner (83) all participated in key tackles throughout the game.

Kacen Gartner (83) for an impressive 20 returning yards on defense, while Alex Sadowsky (16) had 5 along with a fumble recover. Zane Pittsley (57) and Liam McFadden (64) also recovered one fumble each.

Offensively, Killdeer ran for a total of 263 yards, with Cole Dukart (21) reeling in 185 of them along with a touchdown. Alex Sadowsky (16) brought in 35 and a touchdown, Riley Reiss (27) with 27, Kadin Nodland (45) for 3 rushing yards and Garrett LeMieux (81) with 13 rushing yards and a touchdown.

This game puts Killdeer 3-0 so far for the season, having defeated Kenmore 34-12 opening week, Southern McLean 42-8 and Bowman 24-14 last week.

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