Varsity Football


In a stunning showcase of true Cowboy power and momentum, Killdeer varsity football takes another win. During a standoff between Southern McLean and Killdeer, nothing was left on the field.

By Bryan Katz

Killdeer scored 22 points in the first quarter alone, leaving Southern McLean in the dust with no points scored.

In the second quarter, again, Killdeer left Southern McLean high and dry, adding 14 points to the scoreboard. The third quarter was a draw, where neither team scored.

Moving into the fourth quarter, where Southern McLean had a final scrambling attempt at getting some points on the board, they were able to score 6 points as well as Killdeer, leaving the final score a whopping 42 Killdeer to 6 Southern McLean.

Zack Anderson (20), Cole Dukart (21), Riley Reiss (27), John Tomjack (34), Kadin Nodland (45), Garrett LeMieux (81) and Dawson Schmeling (82) were all key defensive players, with four or more tackles throughout the game.

Offensively, Alex Sadowsky (16) had 4 rushes, but gained no yards. Cole Dukart (21) showed his strength by gaining 199 yards in 18 rushes, leading to 3 touchdowns and one 2-point conversion on the line of scrimmage as well as receiving for 39 yards. . Garrett LeMieux (81) gained 32 yards in 3 rushes and received for 85 yards in 4 passes. Overall, the Killdeer Cowboys ran for 242 yards, received two 2-point conversions and passed for 166 yards.

Great job, Killdeer Cowboys. We are all looking forward to the next big win.

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