Vehicle inspection law change

Starting August 1, 2013, the North Dakota Highway Patrol will no longer be inspecting salvaged motor vehicles. 

Posted August 2, 2013

These inspections had been completed for motor vehicles for which a salvage certificate of title had been issued and the owner wants to obtain a regular certificate of title.  According to the new section of law, these vehicle inspections are to be completed by a business that is registered with the secretary of state, is in good standing, and offers motor vehicle repair to the public.

In addition to salvaged motor vehicles, interested businesses will be able to inspect vehicle identification numbers, trailers, mobile homes, off-highway vehicles, scooters, mopeds, and low-speed vehicles.

This new change will allow the various inspections to be completed by trained professionals, providing for safer vehicles driven on our roadways.

Businesses interested in providing this service should respond through the NDDOT Motor Vehicle Services email address at  A list of businesses will be posted on the NDDOT and NDHP websites to provide information for those needing vehicle inspections.


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