Varsity volleyball was on fire last week during both of their games against Glen-Ullin Hebron and then again against Beach, winning all three matches at both games. At Glen Ullin, the first match was won 25-21, and the second and third matches were both won 25-19.

By Bryan Katz

Glen-Ullin Hebron just didn’t have what it took offensively and defensively to take home the win. With Kianna Schatz attempting 5 attacks, Kennedy Zuroff and Kristin Schaaf both with 4 and Lexi Gieteen with 6 assists, Killdeer dominated.

Killdeer, on the other hand, showed their power in a forceful display. Hannah Kling and Bridgette Reiss with 11 attacks, Trae Murray with 7, Sydney Andersen had 6, Chenneth Morlock with 8 and Steena Larsen with 1. Elissa Steffan carried an impressive 22 digs while Chenneth Morlock had 20, Steena Larsen had 13 and Sydney Andersen competed with 11.

Steena put up 31 assists and Trae had one. Cheetah Morlock led the team with 2 aces, while Elissa Steffan, Sydney Andersen, Faith Dukart and Steena Larsen each had one. Trae Murray and Hannah Kling each had two blocks, and Bridgette Reiss and Sydney Andersen each had one.

Against Beach, Killdeer won their first match 25-10, and the second and third matches both 25-18. Beach’s Courtney Lund had 5 assists, Sam Oech and 4 and Abby Wilhelm had 3. Bree Davidson had 8 assists and Mikayla Paul had 3. Catie Lofsgard with a whopping 23 digs while Bree Davidson had 16 and Mikayla Paul had 13. Blocks for Beach were performed by Sam Oech with 12, Courtney Lund with 5 and Abby Wilhelm with 3. Courtney Loftsgard and Mikayla Paul both carried 1 ace each.

For Killdeer, Hannah King executed 11 kills, Bridgette Reiss had 10, Chenneth Morlock and Sydney Andersen both with 8. Steena Larsen with an impressive 28 assists, Sydney Andersen with 2 and Kylee Boltz with 1. Sydney Andersen again with 13 digs, Elissa Steffan with 11, Chenneth Morlock and Faith Dukart each with 10. Sydney Andersen got 3 blocks, Bridgette Reiss got 2 and Megan Olsen got 1. Sydney Andersen, Faith Dukart, Steena Larsen and Chenneth Morlock each with 1 ace.

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