Killdeer’s volleyball team was beaten by New England last week with an upsetting 0-3 record.

By Bryan Katz

The first game, New England won 25-16, the second game they won 27-25 and the third was won 25-20.

Hailee Kiske was the aggressor for New England with 9 attacks; Elizabeth Kaufman and Paige Ehlis following with 7 each. Tori Jalbert from New England was able to squeeze out 21 digs, while Hailee Kuske settled with 14 and Elizabeth Kaufman with 13. Paige Ehlis held the title for most aces, with 6, while Molly Rayhorn and Hailee Kuske had 2 and 1.

As for the Cowboys, Bridgette Reiss with 8 attacks while Sydney Andersen and Chenneth Morlock each had 6. Elissa Steffan with an impressive 22 digs; Chenneth Morlock with 14 and Hannah King, 6. Elissa Steffan had 2 aces and Sydney Andersen had 1.

A thrilling game played well by both teams. Keep at it, Cowboys!

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