Water rescue in southwest Dunn County

On the morning of August, 16th, 2014 personnel from the Dunn County Sheriff’s Department and North Dakota Game and Fish conducted a water rescue in southeast Dunn County along the Knife River.

State Radio had received a call that the Ingvald Paulson residence was flooding and that the occupants needed assistance in leaving the home.   A Dunn County Deputy and a Game and Fish warden were able to deploy a boat and successfully navigate the flood waters to the residence.

The officers found the elderly couple waiting on the roof of the residence for rescue.  The boat was maneuvered into position and a ladder was utilized to allow the couple to descend into the boat.  The couple were delivered to higher ground where family and friends were waiting.

Dunn County Sheriff Clay Coker extends thanks to everyone involved and is gratefully for a successful rescue operation.

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