What The…?


I came to write this column to give a monthly inspirational and motivational introduction to health and wellness. I have been influenced by both my current job and my overall life experience to want to share and perhaps educate.

By James Mousseau

Recently Netflix released a documentary called “What the Health”, a stunning and controversial study of the world’s food and our current state of health. Behind the current gridlock over healthcare at our nation’s capital are a great number of lobbyists pushing for big pharmaceutical companies and health insurance companies. I will leave my opinion out for this column because in large part I do not have all the knowledge or reference to make any claims or reference many statistics. I do know that healthcare is one of the biggest industries in the nation, as is pharmaceutical care. That in large part is due to our intelligence.       Making breakthroughs in medicine has allowed us an easier way to take care of ourselves. For instance, when one has high blood pressure, they go to the doctor, the doctor usually does a physical, talks about this and that, prescribes a pill, makes some suggestions, and we go about our business. There are prescriptions drug ads on every commercial break on TV these days. It’s an industry and a lucrative one at that. Any smart business man will tell you the goal of the product is to make money. It’s smart business to have a cheap, easy, product that generates a mass amount of revenue.     A doctor is not going to get paid if they tell you to work out 5 times a week, keeping your heart rate at a certain range, and to only eat plant based foods. That is just not good business. Besides, who has time for the gym or a walk or even a sit-up. Time, today, moves so fast, and information today moves even faster.   When I go out for a 45 min run now, I can come back sometimes to what feels like a whole different world. That’s just how quick things move. ‘What the Health’, the documentary, addresses these things. It addresses the fact that we, as humans, are consuming foods that are completely processed and unhealthy. I am just as guilty as the next person. It’s easier to go through a drive thru than it is to go home and make a meal. Besides making a meal might cause you to miss the news or a show or an event. It’s here that I recommend making a list of priorities for your own health and wellness.   Watching ‘What the Health’ only confirmed for me that I need to make priorities and to follow through. The top of my list is my health and my family’s health. Humans cannot take care of each other if we do not take care of ourselves. What is at the top of your priority list? If it’s not health I suggest watching the documentary I referenced and to make a priority list. Live Well.

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