Whiting Oil & Gas Funds In-Car Camera System

Camera system will be part of driver education process for students

Whiting Oil & Gas has made a donation to the North Dakota Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association for the purchase of a DVR in-car camera/monitor system to be used as part of driver’s education training classes in Killdeer School District.

The in-car camera system is used to record teen driving experiences. The videos are then used in the classroom for activities such as simulated driving situations, situational awareness, movies, discussion and role-playing.

“We are pleased to be able to assist the driver education program in the area with the important work of training safe drivers.

This is a great opportunity as this system will allow students to gain valuable experience that will help them become safer drivers once they are ready to get on the road,” states Darius Frick, Area Operations Supervisor, Whiting Oil & Gas.

Gary Wilz, Killdeer School District Superintendent, comments, “The DVR in-car camera will make classroom sessions exciting, interesting, and relevant for today’s ‘Gen Y’ teens.  The incorporation of this type of technology into our driver’s training program has the potential to revolutionize the way teens learn to drive.”

The camera system will be used as part of Driver Education Classes. Equipment purchased with this funding will go directly to the school.


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