Wrestling: An Ancient Sport for Young Athletes

Wrestling is one of the world’s oldest and most-respected sports and is greatly revered in Killdeer.

Killdeer Wrestler Gus  Bohmbach Wrestler Jace Anderson

By Cherie Roshau

For the DC Herald

One of best ways to inspire a child to become interested in wrestling is to take him to a dual meet or for the parents, as they ensured that their child ready for practice. For several weeks, one could observe miniature wrestlers, clad in their orange and black singlets, wrestling shoes, and headgear darting in and out of the wrestling room as school was dismissed for the day. Coaches of all ages were there to teach the fundamentals of wrestling.

For over 300 wrestlers, between the ages of four and ten, understanding wrestling became that much more real as they competed in the 2016 Killdeer Cowboy Wrestling Tournament at Killdeer Public School on Friday, March 11. Four divisions were created for the tournament. The divisions were: age 6 and under; 7-8 year olds; 9-10 year olds; and 11-12 year olds. All divisions were grouped as close to weight as possible. The matches were based on three one-minute periods. This tournament was a non-sanctioned tournament and USA wrestling cards were not required.

Many youth wrestling clubs are dependent on multiple levels of volunteers. It does take a village to put on a tournament of this size. With dedication and commitment, over 105 Dunn County folks stepped up to the plate, volunteering their time and effort to help make this event successful. Approximately 540 wrestling fans engaged in cheering on their favorite wrestlers, consumed hundreds of hotdogs and snapped action shots with their cameras or phones. Awards and medals were handed out at the completion of each bracket. The tournament ended at 9:30 after the crowning of several champions and wrestlers placing well in their brackets. This is only the beginning for many young wrestlers competing for the prize of the medals and the satisfaction of hard work in the ancient sport of wrestling.

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