Open House: Dunn County shows off new home to hundreds, cooks up picnic-style menu for visitors

State Senate Majority Leader Rich Wardner was the keynote speaker for the open house June 20 in Manning.


Dunn County opened its doors June 20 to show off a finished courthouse building and staged a large picnic-style meal for the visitors in Manning.


By Brad Mosher
The Herald

In between the two tour sessions through the courthouse, there was a dedication with a long ribbon cutting and speeches by visiting dignitaries.
Dunn County Commissioner Craig Pelton, the chairman, opened the ceremony.
“We are pretty proud of how it turned out,” Pelton said in his opening comments.
State Senator Rich Wardner, the keynot speaker, praised the county for having an “absolutely beautiful facility.”
He also noted his wife was from Dunn County so he felt a strong connection.
“I remember driving to the old wooden courthouse to get a marriage license, This is a good place and it is great to see this facility here,” the senate majority leader said.
According to Wardner, there would be people in the state who would call the newly completed county building extravagant and a sign that Dunn County had too much money.
“I just want to point out one thing, We have given a lot the whole state. There is money generate because of oil revenue.
“Some would say this facility is very liberal. No it isn’t. It is very conservative. When I look at what you have done, you have extra room. You have places to expand and brought agencies down from Killdeer.
“Ladies and gentlemen, this is visionary,” he added.


More than 30 people helped make the ribbon-cutting at the Dunn County Courthouse a long one.
The dedication ceremony had a food reward for people attending the event June 20 in the parking lot of the courthouse with grilled sausages and hamburgers cooked by local firefighters.
The county provided tours of the facility during the open house.
There was more than enough food for the people who attended the open house June 20 for the Dunn County Courthouse.
The county provided a hot meal with grilled sausages and hamburgers cooked by firefighters from West Dunn and Halliday June 20 in Manning.



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