Night & Day: Newest Killdeer police officers find what they need while sharing duties on shifts


The Killdeer Police Department’s newest officers are Richard Carney (left) and Luke Olson. HERALD/Brad Mosher

By Brad Mosher
The Herald


One works days.
One works nights.
Between the two newest patrol officers at the Killdeer Police Department, they both have similar views since they started in March.
They both like the community they now call home.
Richard Carney is from a suburb near Minneapolis, while Luke Olson was raised in North Dakota.
Carney has almost 14 years of experience in law enforcement, while Olson has less than five. Both ike the city and the people enough already to put down some roots.
Both started work in March.

Carney shares work day
The two are on opposite 12-hour shifts, sometimes changing from days to nights.
According to Carney, they are on the same schedule, just opposite shifts.
“He’s a rotation partner,” Carney added.
“We rotate every so many months,” he explained.
“When I work nights, I sleep most of the days,” he explained. “It is a little better to get stuff during the days when you work the night shift.
“You don’t have to sleep all the way to six o’clock,” he added with a chuckle.
“I always liked the night shift because I am something of a night owl,” he explained.
He said that the community has been relatively quiet, regardless of what shift he is working.
The community has impressed Carney and his wife enough to contemplate checking out the housing market.
“Generally, that’s the plan,” he added, noting that he would like his posting to Killdeer to be fairly permanent.
He said he would look again after a year or two on the job in Killdeer, but as for now, he is more than pleased.
“I am planning on it being long term for me,” Carney said.
“We found a place in town to rent until we sell our house and start looking for a new one,” he said. “It is just my wife and I. Our kids have grown up.”
Carney has a two-year law enforcement degree from Alexandria in Minnesota where he has spent more than a decade working for different communities in the state.
In the months since he joined the police department, he has found the people to be nice in Killdeer.
One thing that he likes is the proximity of some of the outdoor activities he enjoys. “I enjoy golfing, bowling, fishing camping, hockey… among other things.
“I really enjoy the golf course,” he said.
“The weather can be unpredictable in the summer. The thunderstorms can pop up in a hurry. It can be nasty… or they can pass us by,” he observed.


Olson Dakota native
Olson grew up in Edberg
He went through the Lake Region Grand Forks Academy in 2016.
“I have been working ever since I graduated,” he added, starting with a position in Nelson County.
Although he started on night shift, working opposite Carney, and has switched shifts several times since then.
Olson is married with a five-year old step-daughter and a son who is almost two years old.
He is renting a place in Killdeer, but he still has ties to the eastern part of the state. “My wife is here part time. She is still in college.
“I usually go year-by-year basically, but if everything works out the way I would like it work out, I would like to make it permanent here. I’ll just do a three-year plan or a five-year plan and go from there.”
When it comes to activies, Olson said he likes to fish, hunt and play video games.
“I like the area, the environment, the scenery. It definitely is a change of scenery from where I am originally – it is all flat and farmland.”
As for Killdeer, it is quiet, he said. “Most of the time.”
The workload has been a nice medium, he said. “It is not too much and it is not too little,” he said.

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