Killdeer’s Wilhelm top Region 7 digger

Killdeer’s Myranda Reiss (above) had one of the top kill totals in Region 7 this season. The junior finished with 150 kills and averaged 2.14 kills per set. HERALD/ Brad Mosher

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Killdeer may not have had a player make the Region 7 all-tournament team after being ousted in the quarterfinals, but the Cowboys still made a big mark in regional statistics for the season.
Madi Wilhelm finished with the best average per sets in the region and also was second in the total number of digs.
The senior finished with 365 digs, for an average of 5.21 per set.
That average was the best in the region. Her total number of digs put her second in the region just eight behind Tia Hornung of Beulah (371) and four ahead of Bowman County’s Jill Svihovec (361).
In the per set average statistical race, four Hettinger County players were next on the list.
Mott-Regent’s Kara Koepplin averaged 4.56 digs per set, just ahead of teammate Maryjane Mayer (4.02), New England’s Jersey Binstock had 3.92 digs per set and Jenessa Zentner of Mott-Regent finished with a 3.91 average. New England had a second player on the list (Angel Erickson) at number seven with an average of 3.80 per set.


In the final season stats for assists among the teams in Region 7, it was Bowman County’s Jill Svihovec as the leader, averaging 7.94 assists per set and had a total of 770 assists for the season. Shelley Kathrein of New England was second on the list with an average of 5.55 assists per set (472).
Chelsey Morlock was fourth on the list with an average of 4.52 assists and a total of 285 assists. Mott-Regent’s Karagan Friedt was seventh with a 2.00 average and 128 assists.


When it came to kills, Bowman County’s Abby Smyle was the top gun an average of 2.91 kills per set and a total of 279 kills overall. Teammate Ellie Powell was second with 218 kills and a 2.25 kills per set average.
Killdeer had Myranda Reiss and Megan Olson in the third and fourth slots with 150 and 140 kills, respectively. Reiss also averaged 2.14 kills, and Olson had a 2.00 average in kills per set.
Sebella Sorenson of New England made the list with 160 kills and an average of 1.93 kills per set, while teammate Jersey Binstock had 149 kills with an average of 1.80 per set.

Beulah’s Harys Beauchamp was the region’s top blocker with a total of 116 blocks.
New England had four among the top have dozen on the list. Jersey Binstock and Hadley Binstock had 70 and 54 kills respectively, with the pair averaging .84 and .66 blocks per set. Kathrein was right behind the Binstocks on the regional list with 44 blocks and an average of .52 blocks per set.
Angel Erickson of New England had 40 blocks and averaged .47 blocks per set.
Kattie Honeyman of Mott-Regent made the blocks list with a total of 29 blocks and .40 blocks per set.


When it came to attacks, Bowman County players topped the list – twice. Ellie Powell had the highest average per set with .256 average, while teammate Smyle had the highest total (768).
Olson of Killdeer made the list with a total of 470 attacks and averaged .168 per set.
Several New England players made the list, led by Jersey Binstock (474/.139), Hadley Binstock (451/.135), Sebella Sorenson (535/.091) and Erickson (496/.08).


Paige Erhardt of Hazen barely beat out Bowman County’s Smyle for the top spot in the Region 7 list for aces. Erhardt had 85 aces and averaged .7727 aces per set. Smyle had 74 aces and averaged .7708 per set.
Erickson of New England finished with 61 aces and averaged .72 per set, while teammate Emily Dinius had 33 aces and averaged .45 per set.
Three Killdeer players made the list with Reiss finishing with 35 aces and averaged .50 per set. Olson had 32 and averaged .46, while Morlock had 29 and averaged .46 per set.


Two Hazen players led the region in serve attempts and serve percentage per set. Hope Tiernes had a 99 percentage in 293 attempts, but her teammate finished with 386 and a 93.8 percentage.
Killdeer’s Jess Goetz had a 94.4 percentage (215 attempts).
New England had two players on the list, with Jersey Binstock (255/94.1) and Erickson (366/93.44).

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