BE PREPARED: Knowing what to do is key to surviving disasters

A tornado approaches the City of Mott July 12 forcing the Hettinger County Fair to be cancelled and the fairgrounds to be evacuated by the Sheriff Office. PHOTO courtesy of Nadra Auch


By Brad Mosher
The Herald

The recent EF-1 tornado which hit the City of Mott isn’t unusual, according to the Dunn County Emergency Manager.
Denise Brew said Tuesday it is important to be aware of severe weather events and where to find safe places.
Dunn County has been through disasters before.
“In 2016, we had the hail storm which went through Killdeer and Dunn County. There was no problem. Everybody banded together. Companies came in. Energy companies came in. Oil companies came in.
“People came in with water. People came in with food.”
She added that the communities have come together to cleanup and recover.
“What I really worry about are if people are paying attention to the weather forecasts up until a tornado hits. Or if they are waiting for some neighbor to call and tell them a tornado is going to hit,” Brew said.
“We have to do it individually so that everybody is taking a little bit upon their shoulders to monitor.
“We can do all the announcing we can possibly do, but people have got to start watching the weather.”
That means the people need to find the sources to rely on and they can access which could be television and radio stations, along with weather applications on smartphones.
“They can watch the National Weather service in Bismarck,” she said. In addition, people could get battery-operated or hand-cranked weather radios to find out about local weather conditions, watches and warnings.
Brew said people need to also be watching the skies when they are in remote condition where they may not have cell or radio signals.
When people leave in the morning to go to a remote locations, it would be important to also check the weather forecast for the day before leaving, she added.
“If it is going to be 90 degrees, there is a really strong possibility that (there might be trouble),” Brew explained.
“We are at that time of year when things happen,” she added.
If people in Dunn County want to see if there may be bad weather approaching, Brew recommended looking west toward Montana.
“You have got to look at Montana and the south together.
“Generally, it will be coming from the Bowman to Beach area straight for us,” she explained, noting that is the summer routes for extreme weather.
People can check several sources for weather. “Get used to watching the Facebook page. If I got it coming, I will put it on Facebook … so will the National Weather Service and the Sheriffs Department will share it.”
Brew also advises people to make phone calls to start checking if they are in a remote and exposed location, like out on a lake.
It is important to have a wether radio, she added. “That can wake you up out of a dead sleep.
“That has happened to me. I was like, ‘Oh my goodness’,” she said.
“It is a cheap investment to protect yourself. And you can take it (a weather radio) with you,” she explained.

“Each community has its organized safe spots.


A tornadic supercell closes in on the city of Mott Friday, bringing an EF-1 tornado and winds of 105 miles per hour. PHOTO courtesy of Nadra Auch





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