Bryan’s Song

I got a funny text from my buddy in Colorado on Monday.

It was a six-word letter saying, “It’s time that I move on.”

Hmmm …

By Bryan Gallegos

I’ve heard that before. My buddy stole that line from a Harry Chapin song.

I called him up to see what was happening, but I kind of knew what the problem would be.

Sunday night was sort of a Civil War in my buddy’s house. It happens two times a year.

My buddy is a die-hard Kansas City Chiefs fan. His bride is an equally die-hard Denver Broncos fan.

For 354 days of the year, they are a loving couple. But the other two days – usually on Sundays – they become … snake and mongoose, fire and ice, cream of wheat and crab meat.

Get the picture? Anytime the Broncos play the Chiefs, they just don’t mix.

Talk smack about the Broncos and she’d probably put mustard in your Kool Aid.

Bad mouth the Broncos and he’d probably … well I don’t know. He knows I don’t like the Broncos, so he takes everything I say about his beloved Broncos  with a grain of salt.

Sunday night, they tested fate. They watched the game together.

It was a good game, a defensive struggle in the first half and, after both teams made adjustments at halftime, an offensive explosion in the second half.

The Chiefs led at halftime, thanks to a safety and a dazzling punt return for a touchdown.

My buddy admitted that he rubbed it in … a little. I guess he likes mustard.

But the Broncos rallied like they always do. Their second-year quarterback Trevor Siemian threw three second-half touchdown passes – including a 76-yarder to Benny Fowler with three minutes left in the game that opened a 24-16 lead.

My buddy’s wife let anybody who was wearing red have it. And she had fun, too, I’m told.

She went to bed shortly after, with a grin on her face knowing that she would sleep quite soundly.

My buddy stayed up to watch the rest of the game, hoping, no, make that praying that his team would make a miracle comeback.

His prayers were answered when the Chiefs rallied to win in overtime.

My buddy didn’t say anything to his slumbering wife. He’d wait until the morning.

They both got up early … ready to razz.

His wife was first, saying how the Broncos showed their courage by coming back to win. She said the Broncos had better players, nicer uniforms and prettier cheerleaders.

Prettier cheerleaders?

That may be true, my buddy said. But the Chiefs, he told his lovely wife, had something the Broncos did not have – a victory.

Of course, she didn’t believe him. She thought he was being a poor sport and that he better knock it off.

She lectured him about accepting defeat with class.

Then he showed her the morning newspaper.

She went off looking for mustard.     

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