HAT TIPS: 5-31-13

This morning I was trying to think of something to write about. Something to do with more rain.
Time to go outside

Nothing motivates people to start getting in shape is the thought of having to show more skin.
LETTER: The North Dakota I know

Growing up in Western North Dakota, I was extremely blessed to have the vast beauty of endless farm fields and the breathtaking badlands surrounding my tiny hometown of Killdeer.
Hat Tips

Wow! That’s all I can say. Wow!
LETTER: Councilwoman apology to Ravnaas

I am writing this letter to publicly apologize to Cory Ravnaas, Circle H, and Hylite Engineering for comments that I made in the Dunn County Herald story about him on Friday, May 3.
LETTER: Story opinions no reflection on city council

The Dunn Center City Council would like to take the opportunity to clear up the misunderstanding in regards to the comments made by Mrs. Piatz in the May 3, 2013 edition of the Dunn County Herald.
Hat Tips

I don’t listen to the radio a lot.
Hat Tips

One thing I have noticed over the years.

This may go down in history as the “spring” that never was.
Hat Tips

I enjoy reading.