‘Click it’ comes back for Fourth of July holiday, summer


Law enforcement will have extra patrols to enforce the state seat belt law from July 1 to August 11 as part of the statewide Click It or Ticket enforcement campaign.
The North Dakota Department of Transportation wants to remind drivers and passengers to buckle up for their own safety, and especially for the ones they love ahead of the Fourth of July holiday.
Survey data shows that eighty two percent of North Dakotans wear their seat belts; however, nearly 64% of motor vehicle fatalities to date this year in North Dakota were not wearing their seat belt at the time of the crash. It is those who do not wear their seat belts who are extremely vulnerable to the consequences of a crash.
All travelers should take personal responsibility and always wear their seat belt – every trip, every time.

“Wearing your seat belt is the single most effective way to protect yourself and other passengers in a vehicle crash,” says Dunn County Sheriff Corporal Hunter Rhoades.
“Choosing to not wear a seat belt is a choice that doesn’t just affect you. Remember to buckle up for the ones you love.”
According to officials, this campaign is part of the Vision Zero strategy to eliminate motor vehicle crash fatalities and serious injuries on North Dakota roads.
State officials also recommend visiting the North Dakota Crash Memorial wall built on the hope of preventing another death on North Dakota roads.

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