Danks makes all-tournament team

In a season where wins were hard to come by, one Killdeer player was able to shine and make the Region 7 all-tournament list.


Killdeer may have suffered through a winless regional season, but one of the Cowboys still was honored recently as an all-Region 7 tournament selection. Daylon Danks (24) was the only Cowboy to make the allregion list. File photo

It was a long season for the Killdeer Cowboys in 2018-2019.

They team finished 0-11 in regional play, but just before the season ended, the Cowboys were able to edge Parshall on a road trip to log the only win of the season, by a 53-51 margin.

The team played Haven in the first round of the Region 7 tournament at Hazen.

They lost the game, but one player was able to still make the all-tournament list.

Junior Daylon Dank will be returning for the 2019-2020 season, bringing back the team’s biggest offensive weapon.

That is a bright spot for the Cowboys.

According to coach Andy Murphy, there was something positive in the gauntlet of narrow and large losses during the season.

Killdeer was learning the ‘hard way’ and picking up a lot of experience.

“Our season has been filled with injuries and sickness but the boys have done a great job overcoming those adversities. We knew we would take our lumps early in the year but as the season as progressed, the boys understand their roles and have played very well, the Killdeer coach said..

“Having only two seniors and dealing with all sorts of adversities throughout the year, we return a lot of boys who have contributed significant minutes this year. Juniors Daylon Danks, Jamie Keller, and Kadin Nodland started throughout the year but the latter two were hurt for most of the year.

“We expect them to comeback healthy next year,” the coach said.

“This season taught the boys that hard work is vital to success. The boys have grown at every practice and game. Many boys were put in situations that probably weren’t ready for but responded well and grew as a player and most importantly, person. It’s been a night and day difference from the first practice to the end of the season. We won one regular season game but were very competitive later in the season which has been giving the boys confidence,” Murphy added.

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