District options three parcels, starts geological surveys

Killdeer Superintendent Garry Wilz explains the facts about what is in store for the city’s school to a community group in December 2018.
Herald photo / Brad Mosher

By Brad Mosher
The Herald

The Killdeer School District Board decided Sept. 5 to option three prospective parcels for a new school campus, allowing geological testing to identify the best location.
According to the Rose Hurt, the District Business Manager, the board optioned three parcels of land that are for sale.
“We actually cut a check for $1,000 for each one of them because the geology people have to go in there and test the soil to see which property would be the best to build on.”
According to District Superintendent Gary Wilz, the board hopes to get the results of the testing in about a month.
“The board took action (in the special meeting) and will look at three land options. The geotechnics (surveys) are just being scheduled right now,” he said.
The land options would allow the purchasing to move forward once the results of the surveys come in, the superintendent said.
“If everything checks out then the purchasing moves forward based on that land option,” he explained.
The three parcels under consideration are all close to the city, he said.
Once the surveys are completed, the district can make a decision as to which of the three parcels to move forward to aquire, he said.

Still in air
Earlier this year, the superintendent was noting that the delay is in aquiring the right proprty.
“We initially asked for 40 (acres) but we are probably going to end up with about 20 (acres),” he said in July. That could be enough for the new campus, according to the superintendent.
“A football field minus the end zones is about an acre,” Wilz said. “So, we sit on 13 acres right now with the entire complex, so the reality is if we get 20 acres we’ll not only have what we currently have …. but we’ll seven additional football fields of space there for us.
“I think it is going to meet our need,” he explained.
Even with the new campus, whether it will be a high school or an elementary school, one thing will remain the Killdeer Sports Complex will remain the home of the Cowboys football team, the superintendent stressed.
Something else which could be in the future for high school students could be a series of vocational areas on the campus.
“We could do that if we build a new high school campus or if we remodel.
“We could do that either way.”
The biggest obstacle so far for the plan to build a new campus has been finding and securing the parcel for it, according to the superintendent.
“I am pleased that once we get the land locked in we can move this thing forward. That has been our biggest struggle for the past six and a half months.”



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