District sets next school community meeting for Jan. 29

The Killdeer School District will be holding another community meeting Jan. 29 as officials work toward putting a proposal for a new facility on the ballot later this year.


The meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. in the school’s wrestling room.

Currently the school district is trying to follow a timetable which could lead to a new school being finished and ready for students to move in by Dec. 2020.

The first step in the process was to develop a community group to help decide on how the school district is going to meet the growing needs of the wave of students coming in at the elementary school level.

From the first meeting the district has been developing a list of people interested in working in the group, which already is more than 30 people.

However, Killdeer Superintendent Gary Wilz says there is still room for more people interest in helping the district look for the best possible solutions.

The district is still going through a search for possible locations for the new school, even though it has yet to be determined if the school will be for elementary or secondary students.

So far there has been three responses to the search, the superintendent told the school board recently.

He said each of the three properties has some pluses and minuses which could mean additional costs.

“It is infrastructure, which could mean access to city sewer and water, street and road networks for ingress and egress,” he said after the Jan. 9 meeting.

“There are three proposals that are on the table, but we are going to entertain or look at some other possibilities,” the superintendent explained.

The secondary school principal, Karter Kleeman, has announced plans to be creative in dealing with the population increase and the impact on the classes and students.

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