District sticks to 40-acre mandate for campus

By Brad Mosher
The Herald

Although the final selection of a new campus location has not been made, one thing has been decided, according to the president of the school board.
The new campus will be 40 acres.
That is at the center of the Killdeer School District’s drive to locate, option and purchase the new campus site.
The district has optioned three loca parcels.
“All three parcels are 40-acres,” said the new board president, Larry Lundberg, recently.
There also is an advantage currently with the prices of the 40-acre parcels, he added.
“At the prices we have been given … we would have been foolish not to buy them,” he said.
“We want to make sure we have enough room for future expansion to meet our needs for many generations to come. We (the board) just felt that 40 acres was where we need to be,” he explained.
The three parcels currently with an option are not within the city limits right now. “They are certainly within the consideration of the city planning and zoning.”
According to Lundberg, the location of a new school campus coud become a magnet fr development nearby.
He even cited Killdeer history and the fact that the first school was on the outskirts of the community, only to have the city grow around it.
“Often times the areas around the schools will fill in with residential areas, unless it is commercial (zoning) around it,” he said. He admitted that the city could change the zoning around a school to better allow development around campuses. “It typically attracts homes if there is land available. Most people would want to live next to a school.
:That is the trend I see in North Dakota.” Lundberg said.
There still is a lot of work for the board to do, he explained.
First, a property has to be selected and that will be after the surveys come back in November, he explained.
Once they decide on a property, then the district will have to go to the city zoning board to find out about accessing the city utilities and possibly be annexed into the city, he said.
“It would be very helpful if they (the city) would give us some guidance,” he said.
“The price is not going to be the determining factor in my opinion,” he added, noting that the cost to connect to the city would play a major role.
“The land options were a major milestone. We are still moving forward, but there is still a lot of work to be done in the coming months as we select the property and then the next step would be the survey and after that have public meetings to inform the public on and the bond referendum.
“We will have to mold hat exactly the bond referendum is and whether it is for an elementary of high school. All that has to be decided based upon the surveys,” Lundberg said.
“There’s still a lot of work to be done.”

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