Donor announces matching $100,000 donation to Hill Top Heritage Foundation

The Hill Top Foundation is getting a Christmas gift.

A very big one.

Staff writer

According to Fayleen Fischer, the foundation director for the Hill Top Heritage Foundation, an anonymous donor has told the foundation’s board president that any funds donation by Dec. 31 will be matched by the donor.

In addition, the donor will also include the Big Buck event which will be held in January.

According to Fischer, the donor told Sheila Murphy recently about the plan to match the donated funds.

In 2017, the Big Buck event was earmarked for blanket/bath towel warmers.

According to the officials handling the 2018 event, the funds and the matching funds would be donated for a miniature golf course planned for near the Hill Top Home of Comfort.

According to Murphy, the foundation is a non-profit and any gift would qualify as a charitable deduction for state and federal taxes.

“Funds raised will be used for various projects at the Hill Top Home of Comfort and Legacy Lodge. We try to get residents and staff whatever they need to make life better at our facility.”

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