Dribble from the pen

“Moses said to the people, “Do not be afraid; for God has come in order to test you, and in order that the fear of Him may remain with you, so that you may not sin.”

By Reverend Ray

“No. The Almighty Father surer lay’d. His deep foundations, and providing well. For the event of all, the scales of Fate. Suspended, in just equipoise, and bade His universal works, from age to age, (Cowper, William; “His Complete Poetical Works,” pg. 602)

I began my day at 4a.m. with God in prayer. My heart yearned to sense God’s presence today as I lay down before Him all the demands this day was already crying out for. As I rose from my knees sometime later the ink black sky suddenly flashed with a silvery yellow light on the western edge of the prairie horizon. Simultaneously came another flash that traveled across my mind, the thought; “I am the Lord God Almighty” and what must have been the awesome fear that swept across the minds and hearts of Moses and Israel as God Almighty settled upon Mt. Sinai. Later, while the sun was still trying to peek out from under the blanket of darkness on the eastern sky, the blue-gray backdrop from the awesome display of a prairie thunderstorm was marching across waves of bronze wheat fields that were graced with the blush of golden sun rays. Again, thoughts of the mastery and majesty of God seem to pour freely from His fingertips as He paints and repaints the sky in endless rhythms of color and figure. “This is the God that is worthy of awe, fear and reverence,” I said to myself. Yet in a wisp, thoughts of how few see beyond the daily masterpieces of the Eternal Artist to recognize that such a Master is indeed awesome, majestic, powerful and worthy of fear.

What is painted upon the pages of Scripture is the portrait of the God who one day made his footstool the Mt. Sinai in the presence of a people who shuttered and trembled before His awesomeness and one day will again descend from Heaven and settle into the throne of David upon the Mt. of Olives and again men will shutter and tremble. But why does he, man not now quake under mere contemplation of such a terrible God? When Israel turned the Ark of the Covenant into a talisman, they minimized the awe and majesty of God and the Philistines lost all fear of Him. (see I Sam. 4:4-11) The despair is that contemporary Christianity has so humanized and whittled God down to man’s level that the saint has no sense of awe and majesty or fear for the God who shook the Mt. Sinai.  Who can be to blame for this negligence that the church and modern Christianity no longer holds a sense of fear for the God they seem to worship? If we look deeper into the story in I Samuel we find that the spiritual leadership was grossly corrupted and the sons of Eli practiced utter disregard for God’s holiness and righteousness, virtually parading the banner;

“No Fear” in the face of God’s mighty power.  So we have a shadow of this same attitude that prevails in pulpits. The religious leader has succumbed to the proposition that we must dummy down God so that people can reach up and get a hold on Him. Such heresy should sicken the soul of every true believer and yet they instead laugh and consent to it, reasoning that it makes for a more comfortable environment, more conducive to a sinful man’s pleasure. Shame be upon us for we have mocked the majesty and awesomeness of God and erased fear from the mind of saint and sinner alike in the name of tolerance and the comfort of non-confrontation. Shame on us, shame, shame!!

The Rev. Ray Druckenmiller is the Pastor at Manning Community Church.

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