Dunn County adopts widespread burn ban

Dunn County officials have adopted a burn ban designed to reduce the threat of fire.

It will be activated when the Rangeland Fire Danger display hits the yellow or “high” level each day., according to Denise Brew of the Dunn County Emergency Management office.

“You can check the daily fire index. Burning is only allowed when the index shows Dunn County in the green or blue,” she explained.

The ban was officialy declared April 15 and would include a ban on fireworks, garbage burning, charcoal grills, wood pellet grills, smokers, camp fires, burning of farm or crop land and uneccessary off-road vhicle travel.

In addition burning of garbage pits and large controlled burns will not be allowed when the Rangeland display  is in the yellow or higher zone.

The display can be found online at www.ndresponse.gov.

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