Dunn County Herald to close

This is the final issue of the Dunn County Herald.
Our weekly newspaper here, which has been published by Country Media, Inc. for almost 19 years, will cease publication permanently with the issue of Nov. 29, 2019.
For several years, said company president Steve Hungerford, the Dunn County Herald’s available pool of advertisers, subscribers and employees had been slowly eroding, to the point where the newspaper had been only marginally profitable for some time.
“We kept plugging away,” said Hungerford, “but newspapers today – both big and small – are in sharp decline because of competition from social and online media, as well as the economics of local market conditions.
“This is especially the case for small-town papers that are owned by companies based out of town or out of state.” Country Media is headquartered in Salem, Oregon.
“For months now, we’ve been looking for local residents who might have an interest in buying the Dunn County Herald,” said Hungerford, “but we’ve not had any success.
“Our hope is that Country Media will be followed by one or more local residents who’ll start a newspaper and thrive with the community’s backing.”
Meantime, the company will begin refunding Dunn County Herald prepaid subscriptions during the month of December.
“We’re sorry it has come to this,” said Hungerford. “It’s a sad day for all of us.”

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