Fly-In lands big response with planes, cars, dropping lots of t-shirts


A big draw to the weekend event was the chance to get a ride in an airplane for many of the children. Although postponed by clouds early, by noon, the children were able to get their ride above Killdeer.


Staff Report

The annual Fly-In/Drive-In at Weyland Field north of Killdeer overcame low clouds Saturday for a big response which pleased the organizers.
Approximately 300 people showed up for the event which combined planes, local show cars and an equipment display set up by the Dunn County Sheriffs Office next to the hangar.
In addition to a meal, the organizers also had drawings for prizes.
There was repeated drops of t-shirts in the afternoon, along with a golf ball drop.
When it came to the golf ball drop, it was Willie Sargent and his daughter, Alyx, who won, followed by Marty Sandvick in second and Fran Bell in third place.

The deputies attending the Fly-In/Drive-In drew a steady stream of people interested in seeing what they would carry on their vests, in addition to other equipment they use.


Even the ‘taxi’ ride to the planes was fun for the children at Saturday’s Fly-In/Drive-In at Weyland Field.
After grabbing a bundle of t-shirts, one of the quicker chasers hands out some of the extra shirts to others.
HERALD/Brad Mosher
Planes were secured during the annual Fly-In/Drive-In at Weyland Field.


Eight-year old Lauren Jacobson of Killdeer finishes off a watermellon during the Fly-In / Drive-In Saturday. Some of the adults get ready to watch the children race for t-shirts dropped from planes. HERALD/Brad Mosher
Five-year old Rylee Garness of Dunn Center tries to devour her barbecue bun during the Fly-In / Drive-In Saturday.
HERALD/Brad Mosher


Some of the adults get ready to watch the children race for t-shirts dropped from planes.


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