From the Newsroom: Three weeks as a North Dakotan


Bryce Martin
Bryce Martin


Herald Editor

Posted Jan. 25, 2013


That word repeatedly was used to describe North Dakota to me before I moved here. Pretty much everyone, having visited this state or not, concurred that North Dakota is a very cold place – temperature-wise, that is.

Yes, it’s cold. I’m from Michigan and got the chance to live in northern Michigan for a year and it was just as cold, but had much more snow. So I haven’t been scared off by the subzero temperatures just yet.

The people here, however, are anything but cold. Most people I’ve encountered are pleasant and seem to truly enjoy living in this state. Oil boom aside, for lifelong residents of this state, it seems they always come back to North Dakota.

Last week I got to explore the Killdeer Mountains. Albeit, the frosty winds were enough to drive me back into my warm car, but for the time I stood outside, taking in their natural beauty, I realized how calm and serene this state is. But then I turned around, saw the highway traffic and snapped back to real life.

Not since I traveled to Russia and saw the Ural Mountains had I seen mountains. Even though the Killdeer variety of mountains do not break any record for being the tallest, they are mountains nonetheless and are a landmark for this community.

That was my first time seeing mountains, in this country, and I look forward to the spring, when the cold weather and snow clear so I can have my chance of hiking up the mountains and view Killdeer from a unique vantage.

Until then, we’re faced with more cold weather.

Driving down I-94, I was astonished to find one of the major differences between Michigan and North Dakota roads – a 75-mile-per-hour speed limit. It made my lead foot happy, but my gas tank that much emptier.

I have to admit, though, I’m still waiting for my first encounter with a moose. I’m quite disappointed it hasn’t happened yet, but I’m told I will likely not ever encounter a moose randomly. And that, if I do, I should probably run to save my life. I guess clumsy Bullwinkle J. Moose from “Rocky and Bullwinkle” just isn’t true to life.

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