Golf Carts put the fun in Driver’s Education Class


Students drive a golf cart as their try to avoid being pulled over in an drivers education exercise. HERALD / Brad Mosher

It was a graduation by golf cart, with goofy goggles and giggles at the Medicine Hole Golf Course May 3. just north of Killdeer.


By Brad Mosher
The Herald

A four-day driver’s education program ended Friday with a morning session at the Killdeer Public School.
The morning session included a question and answer session with representatives from the Dunn County Sheriffs Office, the North Dakota Highway Patrol, and the City of Killdeer Police Department.
The students asked questions about tasers, handcuffs, seat belts, MACE, under-age drinking and other aspects of being in law enforcement.
After a lunch break, the class got its reward – a chance to mimic a chase scene with the students driving golf carts and the officers pulling them over.
One additional piece of equipment was added to make it a learning experience for the students – googles which mimicked the experience of being drunk, being under the influence of cannabis as well as sleep deprivation.
The drivers education teacher, Clayton Johnsen, said the afternoon was meant as a present for the class of more than 20 students.
Although the class had books, they also used computers. “They took all the test and assessments online,” the teacher explained.
“It is more technology-based that the curriculum is going to. This is the second year we are using it.”
The class was set up at the course with two lanes side-by-side.
The divers would put on a pair of googles that would mimic what it looks like for a drunk person, or one under the influence of drugs or lack of sleep.
They would get about a 100-yard head start before the police, sheriff or highway patrol officers would start their pursuit.
“Once they put their lights on, it is all on you,” Johnsen explained.
The teacher asked the students who wanted to try running to notify their pursuers before the start.
“If you don’t want to stop or don’t want to listen to them, you are going to suffer the consequence,” Johnsen added.
He explained that they agencies would demonstrate their procedures, whatever the response was.


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